Ambassadors Media School
The educational platform "Media School" was launched by the IWPR Central Asia Office for those who want to develop in the field of media, communications and expert analytics.
IWPR is an international non-profit media organization supporting the development of local media, independent journalists and freedom of speech.

Marathons and Ambassadors Media School online marathons were held in three countries of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan from December 23 to January 28. Their main task is to develop high-quality modern content on social networks, as well as identify young and talented bloggers. As a result, the winners and finalists of the marathons became ambassadors of the media school.
of Media School

Active young people from the field of journalism and media who agreed to participate in the promotion of our school through marathons, webinars and other projects, including the creation of online content for social networks, so that more people can learn about the mission of Media School to develop new media and digital journalism in Central Asia.
The task of the ambassadors is to increase awareness and educate about the Media School and its activities: to participate as opinion-makers in various offline and online events, including through social networks.

We also provide our ambassadors with the opportunity to improve their online communication skills - blogging, movie making and creating podcasts through quality training. In the future, each of them also gets the opportunity to directly collaborate with the analytical portal.

The objectives of this program
Support young Central Asian people with a strong sense of civic responsibility
Development of relations between youth from various ethnic, religious, and national groups of the region
Support and encouragement in the creation of content and further cooperation
How to become an ambassador?
- take an active part in online marathons of the school
- create conflict and gender-sensitive content that meets requirements of the school

- at the beginning of the marathon be over 18 years old
Ismail Karypov
I supply people with necessary things - warm hugs. I am creating justice over words and pictures - I am doing SMM, PR and communication processes.
I like to eat, walk, and freely create. Starting eco-activist and journalist.
Zarina Sadygalieva
Photographer, for almost 2 years now. Winner of the School Cabar marathon from Kyrgyzstan.
I want to be a useful blogger on Instagram. Founder of the network of bloggers "kelaitypberem"
I do only what I like. Being a dreamer is in my DNA.
Dastan Akkozha
I am a journalist, studying a Master's degree and conducting trainings. I tell people about storytelling, volunteering, and debate. I am writing about the social problems of society, freedom of speech, human rights, and gender in the Kazakh society. Micro-influencer on Instagram and the author of the Kazakh edition - The Village Kazakhstan.
Zulfiya Raissova
Professional data journalist. I love multimedia and analytics. I am fond of storytelling, as well as collecting stories for a future book on the principle that everything is happening for the best. I like to travel, run, and listen to the radio. I believe that the meaning of life is in love and in truth.
Hadyatullo Azimzoda
Now I am a student, an aspiring analyst, a trainer in debate technologies and just a volunteer. I contribute to the development of skills necessary for participating in decision-making processes among young people, I promote #HeForShe, break stereotypes and adore Tara Westover.

Farangis Davronova
I am a feminist, activist, I study to be a lawyer, I am fond of blogging and journalism. I am a media manager and volunteer on the Y-PEER network. In my free time I like boxing and doing yoga. Additionally, I am actively engaged in the promotion of gender equality in Tajikistan.
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